4X Global Updates

NEW! – Super Trading Tool Upgrade

We made a few upgrades to our Super Trading Tool. This video outlines and explains those upgrades. We are always working to make our tools even better. Here is one example. As always, if you have any questions please open a support ticket and we will be happy to help. Our members are [...]

TradingView Custom Indicators – Currency Barometer Added!

Some of our members requested custom versions of our indicators and other tools, then pay for their development. With their permission, we decided to share some of these products to all of our 4X Global members for free. As of this posting, use of our tools/indicators is still free via a non-paid TradingView [...]

94% Winning Trades? Yep.

Wait? What? Surely you jest? - It may sound too good to be true, but it's not. However, there is a catch. Oh, I KNEW IT! - You need a lot of patience to find these trades. That said, this system provides extremely accurate trades for those willing to be patient. All fun aside, [...]

EURUSD – Cypher vs Channel

Sometimes chart formations are just 'chart formations'. Don't ever rely solely on chart formations for a trade entry. Use a combination of rules/filters to enter a trade. Keep it simple, but use more than a single variable to validate a trade.

EURJPY – Trade Setup

EURJPY Possible Trend Reversal Our favorite TradingView member is at it again. This EURJPY trade has a lot of confirmation. We still need a few things to happen before we enter. We are waiting for the last swing low to fail before entering. The entry for this trade should be around 131.40. Click [...]

Live Trading Sessions (info & poll)

4X Global Live Trading Sessions We will begin hosting live trading sessions very soon. Before we begin, we need some feedback from our members to determine schedule & content for our live trading sessions. Our 4X Global membership is very diverse. We have traders from all levels, professional full-time through just [...]

Forex Currency Barometers

Forex Currency Barometers Our 4X Global Currency Barometers are one of our most popular and one of our most misunderstood trading tools. Based on the emails that we have received from our members lately, I decided to post some info about our Currency Barometers. Something a little more detailed than our public html [...]

EURUSD – Possible Long Term Bearish Move Setting Up

The EURUSD is forming 'what could be' a nice longer term Bearish move. We need a little more confirmation before we open a position, but the risk-reward is very solid on the trade idea if we get the confirmation that we need. We would like to see ALL of the following before entering and [...]

NEW! Forex Pivots

We just added Forex pivots to our website. This is an easy way to check pivots and possible price bouncing points for each currency pair. If you are unfamiliar with Forex pivots, here is the Investopedia definition: Trading requires reference points (support and resistance), which are used to determine when to enter the market, [...]

EURUSD – Currency Barometer Trade Set-up

The EURUSD has been pushing in a bullish trend for a few days now. The move has been fairly straight without a consolidation. All markets require a consolidation. Professor Fibonacci's golden ratio helps us measure consolidations and we have 4X Global tools to time our entries. Our long term Currency Barometer is almost ready [...]

AUDJPY – Super Trading Tool Trade

We caught a nice AUDJPY trade using our Forex Super Trading tool. If you are new to 4X Global, our Forex Super Trading tool should be your 'home base' while you learn. You can sit and watch the tool and ignore price charts until you see a trade form. Very simple and very powerful. [...]

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