4X GLOBAL Frequently Asked Questions

Our 4X GLOBAL FAQ section is designed to answer most (if not all) of your questions about our 4X GLOBAL Membership and trading tools. If you do not see your question listed below in our 4X GLOBAL FAQs, please send us a support ticket and we will be happy to provide you with an answer.

Please NOTE: All of the information found in our FAQ’s is also posted on our web pages. The information on our web pages is usually more detailed. We highly recommend that you take some time to surf our website. We have dedicated pages for all of our products and each page contains a detailed description.

Nope. Once you sign up (even if you use a coupon or special offer) you can keep that price as long as you want. You must maintain an active membership to keep the price, but your price will never increase and you can cancel at any time.

Our price policy has remained consistent for over 7 years. Your price will never increase over time. We increase our price for new members, but your price will never change. However, if you cancel, you lose your price, unless you are upgrading. If you are upgrading you keep both prices active. Why is that important? Here is a short example:

Example – a new member originally signs up at a month-to-month price with a coupon. After a few months, he/she decides to upgrade to a 6 month package with a different coupon. However, at the end of the 6 month period he/she doesn’t have enough to renew for the 6 month price. In this case, he/she has the option to renew at their previous month-to-month rate and they can update again to the 6 month price at any time.

In addition, if we offer a special or discount that is cheaper than your current price (this does not happen very often, but if it does), you are free to upgrade to the discounted price. You are NEVER locked into a long term contract.

The short answer is “yes”. All of our tools are browser-based and will run on all major web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome). The only limitation is screen size. For example; a tablet will work much better than a mobile phone. Most tablets have an 8 inch or larger display. This is large enough for any of our apps. A mobile phone on the other hand would shrink the content too much and make most of our apps hard to use.

Our tools run great on an iPad or similar Android tablet. Our tools do NOT require a lot of processing power. All of the data (the math crunching) is processed on our servers. The client side (your side, what displays on your pc or device) is just simple html.

Yes, we provide detailed movies for each tool and trading system. In addition, we post trade ideas, how-to articles and much more on our blog.

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Our Market Watch Trading System is a data chart that scans 17 currency pairs in real-time to help you find trades. Our Market Watch Trading System is a “stand alone” trading product designed for Forex swing traders. This short video will explain in detail:

Our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System is a data chart that scans 17 currency pairs in real-time to help you find trades. Our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System is a “stand alone” trading product. This short video will explain in detail:

Yes, all of our tools and trading systems are designed for professional traders, but easy enough for a beginner to use. Once you learn how to use our tools you will never outgrow them.

No, you do not need to pay for a data feed. Your data feed is included in your membership fee.

No, everything is included in your membership price. We never charge extra for upgrades and/or new products.

No, we are not a Forex broker. We provide trading tools and systems to Forex traders. You can choose any broker that you want.


We provide data for the 8 largest (most popular) currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD, NZD and CHF. Our data goes back as far as 4 years on some of the larger Forex barometer charts.

Yes. None of your billing information is saved on our servers. Paypal and Authorize.net keep your data on their secure networks. The only information that we keep on our servers is your name and email address.

No. You are free to cancel your membership at any time. However, we do not refund for unused time. Your subscription can be cancelled from your My4XEdge account page. You have full control over your subscription and billing.


Always Trade Smart!

Always trade safe and never over leverage your equity. Never bet all of your money on a single trade idea. You will ALWAYS have losing trades. Planning for the winners and losers = success.

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