4X Global Forex Traders Desktop

Our 4X Global Forex Traders Desktop is the hub or host for all of our trading tools & software. All of our trading systems are located in our Forex Traders Desktop for easy access and ease-of-use. Each tool loads in a dedicated window inside the Forex Traders Desktop. All of our trading tool windows can be resized just like a browser window. You can organize multiple trading tool windows into custom layouts and save the layouts for quick loading later (think multiple custom desktops that you can load with a single click). Many of our trading tools have custom alerts and other features to make trading even easier. Our Forex Traders Desktop is home to some of the most powerful Forex trading tools ever made. You won’t find our tools anywhere else.

  • X Scalper 3.0 Trading System + Trade Alerts
  • Market Watch Trading System
  • Currency Arbitrage Dashboard
  • Currency Barometer Dashboards (2 versions)
  • Currency Barometer Histograms (6 time frames per pair and 5 time frames per currency)
  • Currency Barometer Histogram Dashboard
  • Forex Speedometer Dashboard
  • Forex Speedometer Histograms (7 time frames per pair)
  • Forex Trend Meter Dashboard
  • Forex Market Trend Charts (11 time frames per pair)
  • Manage your 4X Global account direction from your Forex Desktop, open and track support tickets, view instructional PDF’s and video tutorials
Our 4X Global Forex Traders Desktop software does not require a software download or install. All of the software runs on our servers. The software opens as a web page and only takes a few seconds to load. We stream all of the data to the web page and save your local bandwidth.

Additional Key Features

Our 4X Global Forex Traders Desktop software includes dozens of trading tools across multiple time frames. In addition, each trading tool can be modified to meet your specific needs. Our Forex trading tools are NOT ‘one size fits all.’ We understand that every trader is different and requires different trading tools, layouts and settings. Our Forex Trader Desktop has enough flexibility for any style of trader. Here are some of the key feature for each chart/tool:

Custom Layouts – Endless Possibilities

All of our 4X Global Forex Traders Desktop tools can be loaded in any order, resized, organized and then saved as custom layouts for instant loading later. You give each new layout a custom name. You can save an unlimited number of custom layouts. Each custom layout loads and unloads with a single click.

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