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Our Forex Currency Barometers are the best trading tool that you’ve never heard of. This tool will change the way that you view the market and the way that you identify trends. Our Currency Barometers help ‘shrink’ the market and make spotting trends so much easier. Forex trading will never been same and you’ll never be happier!

The standard version of our Currency Barometers is our histogram multi-currency single time frame chart. Currently we offer 6 different Market Barometers; Scalping, Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term, Big Picture and Bigger Picture. Each version provides a specific purpose. Our Currency Barometer charts provide analysis for individual “currencies”, not currency pairs. We usually analyze the Forex market in terms of “currency pairs”. Our Currency Barometer algorithm provides single currency data that is critical for reading trends and over-all market strength.

This one is pretty obvious. Our Scalper Barometers was designed for extreme short term trades (i.e. scalping). Forex scalping is very risky and requires excellent timing. Our Scalping Barometer provides the timing for counter scalping and helps trend scalpers exit their trades with the most pips possible.

Our Short Term Barometer is our ‘one size fits all” barometer. Any trading style will benefit from our Short Term Barometer data. Our Short Term Barometer is our most reactive barometer. For more information, read a few of our live trade examples.

Our Medium Term Barometer was designed for day traders and swing trades. Day traders can use our Medium Term Barometer to time exits on trend trades and/or to time entries on counter trend trades.

Our Long Term Barometer was designed for swing traders and position trades. Swing traders can use our Long Term Barometer to time exits on trend trades and/or to time entries on counter trend trades. Position traders can use the data to add to their position or to close out all positions.

As the name suggests, our Big Picture Barometer provides a macro view for all 8 currencies. When a currency is over-extended on our Big Picture Barometer, the consolidation will usually last for weeks.

Our Bigger Picture Barometer provides the largest view of Forex market currency trends. The data is huge. When a currency over-extends on the Bigger Picture Barometers, the consolidation can last for months and even years.

At a glance, each Currency Barometer looks like a mess of lines. However, after a few short days of practice, the “mess of lines” will provide powerful Forex market insight. In short, once understood, you’ll never want to trade without our Currency Barometers again.

Currency Barometer Time Frame

Each Currency Barometer is generated from multiple time frames (i.e. not a simple time frame). Let’s take a look at the Short Term Barometer as an example. The ‘range of time’ is 5 minute through 30 minute chart interval. This means that the Short Term Barometer is using more than 25 live charts; a 5 minute chart, a 6 minute chart, a 7 minute chart, an 8 minute chart… etc., all the way through a 30 minute chart.

All of these charts have several indicators running to provide data. In addition, this is per pair! As an example, the EUR output is taking data from all of the EUR pairs; EURUSD, EURCHF, EURCAD, etc… and that’s just for the technical data output. Why on earth would we make it so complex? In short, because it works. We have tried to streamline the data, but the original format is still the most accurate.

Currency Barometer

Currency Barometer Dashboards

Our Currency Barometer Dashboards organize the real time data from all of our barometers Scalper thru Bigger Picture into a single chart. The dashboard view does not include historical data, but the dashboard layout provides a simple way to monitor all of our barometers in real time.

When a particular barometer over-extends, you can open the corresponding single view barometer to analyze the historical data and plan your trade. Without our Currency Barometer Dashboards, the trader would need to keep all 7 barometers open at all times. Our Currency Barometer Dashboards save time and valuable screen space.

Currency Barometer Histograms

Our Currency Barometers also come in “currency pair” single time frame charts, also known as Currency Barometer Histograms. Our Currency Barometer Histograms provide amazing market insight. Our histograms are excellent for confirming trend changes and over extended markets. These charts are provided in 7 different time frames;

  • 1 Minute

  • 5 Minute

  • 15 Minute

  • 30 Minute

  • 45 Minute

  • 1 Hour

  • 4 Hour

  • 1 Day

The Currency Barometer concept is very simple; a value of 75 or greater is considered very strong to the upside and possibly over bought. A value of 25 or less is considered very strong to the downside and possibly over sold. A value between 45 and 55 is considered neutral or no bias.

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