4X Global Currency Speedometers

Our 4X Global Forex Speedometers measure how fast a currency pair is trending relative to a particular time frame and relative to each currency pair’s ATR, Fibonacci level and other key price indicators. When a currency pair is moving fast, it is likely to continue moving in the same direction. However, when a currency pair is moving extremely fast or too fast, it is more likely to consolidate. Our Forex Speedometers highlight currency pairs that are moving too fast (i.e. faster than their normal pattern) and help you pick the best pairs to trade + when to enter. It’s so simple and it works!

Our Forex Speedometer will improve every aspect of your trading!

Forex Speedometer

Do you wish that you could read the market movements better?

Every wish that you could time your entries and exits better?

Know which currency pair to trade and why?

Know which currency pairs to avoid and why?

We are happy to introduce you to our Forex Speedometers. You might think that the name is silly, but these tools will change your trading forever!

NOTE: Every 4X Global Member should use this tool on a regular basis. If you are unsure how to use this tool and/or need assistance, please open a support ticket. Your trading results will improve dramatically as soon as you learn how to use this tool.

Our Forex Speedometer is our most “reactive” trading tool. Our Forex Speedometer does not suffer from time lag like many other trading tools. The data displayed can be taken as “current value”. This makes our Forex Speedometer invaluable to traders. The data is displayed from 17 currency pair and across 5 time frame per pair.

  • 1 Minute Speedometer (Dashboard and Histogram versions)
  • 5 Minute Speedometer (Dashboard and Histogram versions)
  • 15 Minute Speedometer (Dashboard and Histogram versions)
  • 30 Minute Speedometer (Dashboard and Histogram versions)
  • 1 Hour Speedometer (Dashboard and Histogram versions)

  • 4 Hour Speedometer (Histogram Version)

  • 12 Hour Speedometer (Histogram Version)

All of our tools, including our Forex Speedometer are loaded via our Traders Desktop software. Our Traders Desktop software is our one-stop technology hub. Our Traders Desktop software harnesses the power of our trading tools and software into an easy-to-use web interface. All of our apps and tools can be loaded as individual “components” to create your own custom layouts.

Forex Speedometer Dashboard

Our Forex Speedometer Dashboard displays real time values for all times frame on a singe page. Our Forex Speedometer Dashboard is a fantastic tool for all trading styles. The histogram layout makes it extremely easy to use and navigate. Each time frame was designed for a specific purpose:

Forex Speedometer Histograms

Our Forex Speedometer is also available as histograms via our Traders Desktop software. Our Forex Speedometer histograms add valuable historical data to an already powerful tool. The historical data provides valuable insight and can help identify find trend turns and trend bounces in the market. Our Forex Speedometer Histograms provide currency pair price behavior patterns and data.

Forex Speedometer Uses

Our Forex Speedometer Dashboard and Histograms are not ‘pretty apps’ with flashy colors. Take time to understand these tools. All Forex traders should incorporated our Forex Speedometers into their trading system. DO NOT forget about these tools. The data is mission critical to both trend trading and counter trend trading. Here are just a few reasons to use Forex Speedometer:

  • Forex Speedometer will prevent trend traders from entering at the end of a move. Even if the move is not over, the smaller time frame might be ready to consolidate. Example: if 1 minute data is overextended, wait for a small pull-back before entering your trade.
  • Forex Speedometer can pinpoint market bounces and turns. By combining our Market Barometers and Forex Speedometer, we can pick the exact price where markets will turn. The larger the time frame, the larger the bounce or consolidation.
  • Forex Speedometer can tell us when to take profits. Example; if we are holding a EURUSD buy and the EURUSD 5 minute is showing an over-extended value, we should consider taking profits. With a little practice we can learn to “time the bounces”. Meaning, if we know that a pair is going long, wait for the shorts to over-extend before we enter. These are excellent trades.
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