X Scalper 3.0 Trading System

Finding trades in the Forex market has never been easier or more profitable. Our X Scalper trading system is very popular because it is easy to use and because it works. The system is very simple. If you can read a few lines on a chart, then you can use X Scalper 3.0 to find trades. You must avoid volatile market conditions (i.e news releases and other big market moving events), but system is extremely accurate.

Our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System is very accurate, but you still have to avoid news releases and other unpredictable market conditions. Keep a Forex calendar handy at all times. As long as you avoid news, you should enjoy a better than 70% winning ratio!

Forex Scalping Made Easy

Finding short-term trades in the Forex market has never been easier. Our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System can help you find trades fast and easy. Even if you only have a few hours each day to trade, our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System will find trade opportunities. If you can read a simple graph chart, then you will be able to use our system.

If the system is so great, then why not automate it? That’s a fair question. Forex Scalping requires fast trading execution. Most MT4 scalping EA’s suffer from requotes and other issues. Forex scalping works best when the trades are managed manually.

X Scalper 3.0 Data

Our X Scalper chart looks like a normal trading chart. However, the data that drives our X Scalper chart is massive and since the chart loads as a web-app, X Scalper uses very little of your system resources. Our X Scalper chart loads instantly and updates in real-time. Our 4X Global servers do all of the heavy lifting.

Our X Scalper 3.0 Trading System is powered by many of our our trading tools (i.e. Currency Barometers, Forex Speedometers and Forex Trend Meters) and a few other custom data feeds. Our X Scalper 3.0 data has been modified for specific market conditions and the data is displayed on a chart as 5 different data sets. Each data set serves a very specific role.

X Scalper can be used to find short/scalping trade and day trades or to help you time your entry on a longer swing. X Scalper is NOT just a scalping tool. After a few days of practice, the X Scalper data will teach you how to read the Forex market and help you make extremely accurate trades.

 The concept is very simple. When the PBT data is over-extended, you open a trade in the opposite direction. However, if the Global Trend Value is also over-extended, you must wait for a 2nd confirmation before entering the trade (i.e. the Scalping Trend, ATR Speed 1 or ATR Speed 2). Beyond that, it is just a matter of watching X Scalper and opening trades. Simple and effective.

Our PBT (Predictive Bias Technology) uses historical and real-time data (both technical and market order) to “predict” the market’s next move. The PBT engine can react very fast to sudden or dramatic market changes. This tool is critical for both entries and exits. The engine will help you get in early and/or get out quickly if the market turns against your trade. Our PBT engine is critical to Forex trading. All styles of Forex trading can benefit when using our PBT engine!

Our Scalping Trend Data is a composite value from several of our tools. We use our Currency Barometers and Forex Trend Meters to calculate an average trend value in real-time. The end result is extremely accurate, but other data sources are required to confirm a trade entry. That’s why we use our Scalping Trend data as a 2nd form of confirmation to enter or exit a trade.

Our ATR Speed Data is generated from each currency pair’s ATR (Average True Range). The ATR’s are pulled from several time frames and averaged through multiple formulas to produce a single value. The end result is a prediction of each currency pair’s relative speed based on time interval average price ranges. In short, is the currency pair moving slow, fast or too fast. If the answer is “too fast”, then the pair will likely consolidate.

Our Global Trend Value is a composite value from all of our tools (i.e. Currency Barometers, Forex Speedometers and Forex Trend Meters). The data is weighted and averaged, then displayed as a single value. The value is then adjusted to match the trading system or tool. In this case, the Global Trend Value has been adjusted to prevent head-fakes on short term moves. You will always know the main or strongest direction of the trend!

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