4X Global & Our Members

As spot Forex traders, we all want the same thing; some form of success. Success is different for every trader. Our tools were not designed with the “one size fits all” mentality. We have more tools than any other forex service because all forex traders have different trading needs (also referred to as trading style). Some traders prefer short term trading, some prefer swing trading, other traders prefer set-n-forget trading and still others are looking for something that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Our tools can help you find your trading niche. We won’t force trade signals at you or talk you into reading our e-book. Our 4X Global Membership provides a vast array of trading tools and instruction. You get to pick and choose what is best for “you”. We will provide all of the support that you need to get started, but the outcome is completely up to you.

Below is a short list of 4X Global reviews generated by our paying customers. All of our 4X Global testimonials were taken from unsolicited Member emails. The text from these testimonials has been truncated to save save space (if we didn’t the page would be 4 feet long). The testimonials have been posted in a random order. Thanks to all of our Members for making 4X Global such a success. We enjoy trading with you and look forward to a very bright future.


4X Global Testimonials

NOTE: We never pay for user reviews or testimonials. In addition, we do NOT provide discounts or other incentives for positive reviews. All of our reviews are completely unsolicited. If you are a current 4X Global member and would like to add a testimonial, just shoot us an email. We will be happy to add your testimonial to our list.

“Your help makes trading the forex
market a lot easier! I just wish that I
had found your service sooner.”

Ai Kuin Tam, UK

“I thought that I would lose
in the forex forever, but I’m
going on 6 monts of winning!

Update, now more than a year of winning!”

Carter Clinton, USA

“Your system is unbelievable!
Well done, you have taken
trading to a new level, cheers!”

Peter Lottering, Ireland

“Powerful, professional and your
support is top notch. I finally understand the market. I will never
trade without your tools again!”

Abby Millister, Scotland

“Finally, tools that think and work
outside the box. I’ve been searching
for accurate Forex tools for a long
time. Your tools are amazing!

Thanks guys!”

Mark Hadler, NZ

“The currency barometers and forex speedometers
are by far the best forex trading tools that
I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot!

The new market watch trading system is perfect!”

Sharon Culler, Australia

“I was sure that your service would be
another Forex scam, but I was wrong and
very happy that I was. Keep up the great work!”

Rustin Masters, UK

“Your trade calls are always spot
on! I don’t know how you do it,
but thanks for an excellent service! X Scalper has helped me find my own trades too!”

Phong Chew, China

“Your service is fantastic! Your Forex
Speedometer changed my trading! I can’t
believe that I ever traded without you guys!”

Ronald Miller, USA

“It’s close to the best thing EVER!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge
in such magnanimous form!”

Miguel Abizaid, USA

“You guys are doing a great job. I
really appreciate your hard work and your
concern for the all the members.”

Jimi Ash, USA

“Thank you for the best
forex trading system in the world!”

Paul Lombard, UK

“I feel blind without your tools.
I use x scalper and the short term
currency barometer to find my trades.
It’s incredible how well they work.

Thank you!”

Dave Allen, USA

“I’m sooo very glad that I found your service. So glad!

The forex market finally makes sense. Imagine that.”

Howard Harris, USA

“I bought a full year of
pro service and quickly upgraded
my membership so I would
never be without your tools.

Nuff said, THANK YOU!
Now I’m a lifetime member.
Keep up the good work!”


Dan Ray, Australia

“I am finally happy trading again!
Thank you for all of your wonderful
tools and systems! I am able to
make a decent living trading forex
using your tools!”

Hui Zhang, China

“Currency barometers, currency barometers,
currency barometers! Thank you so much!

How did I ever trade without currency
barometers!? Never again!”

Bruce Gallister, USA

“The bottom line is profit and I continue
to make money from your trading tools.
You guys rock!”

Mark Beldson, USA

“Unreal! I am actually making a living
by trading the forex market and I owe
it all to your website, thanks!”

Arnie Marcel, France

“X System is the best scalping tool, period!

A million thanks for your fantastic products!”

Chris Seddler, USA

“I had a lot of doubts about your products when I first joined. After a couple months of trading, all doubts are gone. Your tools really work. How wonderful.

Imagine that, a Forex service that actually works.”

Carrie Smith, USA